Business Ideas you can start online with minimum budget

Business Ideas you can start online with minimum budget

There are plenty ways to start low-investment business online. If you are wondering what can you do online having minimum budget and avoiding startup costs, inventory, office, etc., then read this article – I share with you my top low investment business ideas!

1. Your own book

Writing a book and then selling it through different channels (including online, Amazon platform, Lulu Xpress, Blurb) can be a great source of passive income. If you are an expert of particular field, then it can work for you!

2. Dropshipping

Unlike standard online shop model where you have to manage your own stock, store it, keep it in a warehouse, pay for a warehouse, integrate with shipping services, etc., dropshipping is a revolution model when you make a partnership with the third party and sell his stock in your shop. The third party is responsible for manage stock and ship it to your customer. There are different modules (like Oberloo in Shopify that can do all this work for you)

3. Online shop

With online website constructors existing nowadays it became so easy to create an online shop. All you have to think about is how your push marketing, advertising and stock managing.

4. Sell photos

If your passion is photography then you can sell your photos to different photo banks and get paid when customers buy it. The trick is to post photos on a daily basis and chose winning key words.

5. Digital course

Digital course is also a great idea of passive income. You can monetize your knowledge in any field (music course, guitar course, marketing course, etc), just make sure the course is outstanding, it is worth to buy, and then distribute it through different channels.

6. Monetizing your audience (affiliate marketing)

There are several ways to monetize your audience and one of that is to sell through it any product or service and get commissions. Affiliate marketers sell these products with a help of special referral link.

7. Become a YouTuber

The other way to earn a passive income is to create your YouTube channel. Nowadays people prefer visual content, the way they search the information has changed. The more audience you get, the more you get paid, and you don’t even need a professional camera – you can start with your smartphone!

These are some ideas about online business and I hope you got inspired by them! Do you have something else that come up in to your mind? Share in the comments below! I would be glad to answer all your questions or to introduce your project to my team at Astorts Group to be evaluated.