How to sell online. Social selling techniques

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In this article I would like to share with you some traditional marketing techniques that you can use in modern digital channels can help you to boost online sales.

Sometimes, effective marketing means going back to the basics.

1. “Limited time offer”

Making people see that they must act now is a traditional technique, when you create a sense of urgency people start to worry that they will miss out if they don’t act now. It’s the “limited time offer” or “only 15 items left” patterns.

This can work well on social media because it can create a feeling of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). By adding this type of offer into your feed, you can create that sense of urgency and persuade your customers to buy.

2. The Summary

Get creative and think of ways to get that summary of what you have to offer in front of your followers. Repeating all the things a customer will receive when making their purchase helps to establish value and highlight benefits. It also makes your offer more understandable for the customer and improves their memory for what is read. They will see it is a deal like no other.

3. Asking questions

The best way to discover your customers and their needs is to ask them questions. Questions allow you to hear their desires while also giving you an opportunity to develop answers to their potential objections.

If you use Instagram, you know that one of the latest ways brands and people engage followers is by asking a question or even asking their followers to ask them a question.

4. The Assumptive Close

People choose to follow your brand because of your reputation and authority. They believe you share common interests and provide them with something they need to pursue those interests. Try to remain engaged with your followers by feeding them the info and tips they love.

Furthering your authority is the reason you are on social media.

5. The Match-Game Close

To overcome objections and coming closer to a sale it’s important to provide ready solutions to pain points. For every pain point or objection, match it with how your product or service helps resolve or overcome their issues. It will help them see you've got everything they need.

Someone who uses the product or service is showing prospects how it resolved their problems.

Have you tried these techniques? Do you think that traditional marketing techniques could be effective? If you want to increase your sales, please introduce your project to my team Astorts Group and we will be glad to help you.