How to write a business book

business book

If you ever thought about writing a business book this guide will get you there.

The first question to start with is, why write a book? When you find a reason why to do it you know how to choose the best marketing strategy to promote it. Let’s talk about the risks and threats of writing a book.


We all know with technology and internet book sales are declining nowadays.  An average nonfiction book would sell less than 250 copies per year, fewer than 3,000 over its lifetime, which is increasingly short.

Now the author has to do more and more herself because publishers are no longer help.  Figuring out how to sell it and promote it is responsibility of the author now,

Reasons to write

In spite of it all there are good reasons to write a book. There will be different marketing strategies for each of these reasons. 

To establish yourself as expert in a field. 

In an era of increasing specialization, and a daily explosion in knowledge, experts have clout and authority. 

To become a professional public speaker in your field.  

Public speakers – especially the paid ones – still need a book to point to, to establish their ideas and concepts. 

To create a public persona and personal brand in order to succeed in your field of endeavor. 

Other very important point is to work properly on your mindset.

I believe that your mindset is the key thing you need to work on in order to write a good book.

When it comes to writers, we tend to think that they are cleverer, have a special talent, its is extremely hard and so on. But we must understand It’s certainly not just a matter of time, talent or tenacity.

Try to reframe all these negative thoughts by telling yourself that writing is something you can learn. That of course some writers are very smart but that doesn’t mean that you are not.

Go for it!

The most important in writing a book that very few people talk about the best-written ones with perfect language and some idioms. People tend to talk about books with the best ideas, the best concepts and the best stories. I believe by finding and establishing all reasons to write, creating best concepts and ideas, working on a positive mindset, you can write a game-changing book.

Have you ever thought about writing a book about your business? If you have your question, please write it below, I would be glad to answer your questions or to introduce your project to my team at Astorts Group to be evaluated.