5 Simple rules for productivity

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With millions things to do,  departments to coordinate, business meeting to set up, analyze results and so on, I came to a point when I had to start managing my time more efficiently and in this article I want to share with you some basic steps to be done if you want to be an effective entrepreneur.

1.       Prioritize

Plan your day according your priorities. Surprisingly even a little distraction can eat more time than you think especially unintentional task-switching.  Try not to switch between tasks; prioritize more important ones according your agenda. University of California information scientist Gloria Mark found that it takes an average of 26 minutes to recover from usual interruptions. To avoid this, plan out your day and compartmentalize unexpected interruptions.

2.       Use waiting time in traffic or commuting to plan and do current tasks

I travel a lot for work I and I often use these opportunities to get an update on open projects and finding out if my team need any assistance from me. It would be crazy not to use this time while I am in a taxi to the airport!

3.       Reduce meeting time

It is crazy nowadays how much time is spent for business meetings, but if we reduce just some percent of it, like 15 minutes per a meeting, we will save up to 5 hours per month (having 5 meeting a week) and 60 hours a year!

4.       Work 'offsite' when it makes sense

Sometimes you can be more productive working from home. When you need to write a document or research a topic, gather some information, the absence of office interruptions will improve your concentration. Let your employees to work from home from time to time, it will reduce their commute time! 

5.       Avoid notifications

We live in the world of digital revolution, however, it has its pro’s and con’s. Instant notifications from different messengers can easily distract you from important things. Don’t let applications interrupt your concentration with annoying popup messages. It’s better to shut them off and stay concentrated on important tasks!

These are some basic rules that helped me to be more productive and efficient leader. And what about you, do you have any ideas? Please, share them below, I would be glad to hear them all!