Interview. What bosses want to hear on the first day

Interview. What bosses want to hear on the first day

Interview is a very important meeting between a boss and potential employee, but at times employees try so hard to show their best, so they tend to hide things their bosses would prefer to hear. Showing more honesty can actually benefit a professional relationship in a long term. Read in my article top things the bosses would like to discuss on the first day.

It is obvious that showing more honesty will be better for both parties and clear expectations are necessary on day one from the employer. Let’s have a look on particular cases during job interview!

1. Vision of success

Bosses prefer employees give them their vision of what success will look like for them in their position and the future — whether that be with the company or not

Showing these ideas will help to ensure that the employee and employer's visions are aligned.

2. What do you want to learn in this company?

Bosses would really love to hear what employee want to learn from him in the time that they work together. It will help to understand what career mentoring to provide, how to mold them for their career and professional growth, and what resources company can offer at their disposal, etc

3. More questions in general

Most people tend to think that interview is when boss ask questions to know better a candidate, but it is not only about the boss. A candidate also has to ask his questions to show that he is really interested in the position. By asking questions, it indicates candidates are engaged, focused, and looking to pick things up quickly. Good examples of questions are "Who should I talk to most from the team?" and "What is the most common format of communication? etc.

4. Any casual conversation

Interview is an important, sometimes stressful meeting, so any casual conversation can help both parties to feel comfortable around.

5. Method of communications, feedbacks

Stating how candidates would like to receive feedback is very helpful for their boss as sharing communication has very high level of importance in business.

Do you agree with the things mentioned? What was your most memorable job interview and how did it go? Would you reveal more to your potential boss after reading this article? Hope my article was helpful for you! If you have your question, please write it below, I would be glad to answer your questions or to introduce your project to my team at Astorts Group to be evaluated.