The science of happiness and the 5 habits to practice.

There have been recent studies conducted on how happiness can be increased and maintained and science has finally proved that happiness is an ability that can be acquired through practice. The science of happiness is so obvious, its speaks for itself. But you don’t need science to know that happiness can be found in every simple daily habit.

Habit #1 Mentality and focus

Mindfulness and being aware of the present is well-known today as an effective way to reduce stress and increase emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and control heartbreaking thoughts and moods successfully. Our minds can be trained through several mindful exercises like meditation. Pay attention to your thoughts and how they make you feel. You have full control of how your day goes by your choices and thoughts.

Habit #2 Adoration and gratefulness

Research has shown that appreciation can increase your happiness and keep you from anxiety, depression, and stress. Putting into practice appreciation and gratitude is the easiest way to get rid of any negativity. By focusing on the good things in your day, you become more positive and happier.

Habit #3 Motivation, health, and care

Happiness is good for your health. Thousands of studies have proven that people who are happy are more likely to live longer. Physical well-being is one of the most successful ways to boost your happiness.

Habit #4 Self-sacrifice and compassion

Happiness and compassion are linked and doing good deeds are crucial ingredients that bring happiness. Research suggests that how we spend our time and our income is more important than how much we make. When we give and spend on others increases our levels of happiness.

Habit #5 Forgiveness, vulnerability, and compassion

Forgiveness is a result of living genuinely and an encouragement for personal growth. Practicing compassion benefits us, so if you're holding a grudge, let go for your happiness. When you stop caring about what others think and start living with your heart, you will start feeling happy.