5 Lessons Golf teaches about how to succeed at your Business

There is a lot you can learn as you play and practice the game of golf. Not only that, the game of golf has certain specific lessons for entrepreneurs who are about to start or are already running a business. Let us briefly look here at some of the success lessons for business from golf.


1. It’s harder than it appeared       

            The game of golf looks easy till you actually start playing it. Once you start learning, you realise that it is tough to pick up the tricks-of-the-trade. Similarly, running a business may seem to be simple. However, it requires hard work and a lot of patience. Time and practice too have a role to play. An entrepreneur has to painstakingly hone his skills over a number of years to achieve his long term goals.

2. You need a strategy

            If you happen to closely observe a professional golf player, you may find him or his caddy walk the course before playing a round in a tournament. They do this to know the layout of the course, ascertain the hole positions and learn about any potential problems. After this, the player would go and develop his strategy for playing the game. A player may even have a different strategy in place for playing each and every hole.

            Entrepreneurs should take a cue from the above and have a composite strategy for their business. They also need to have their first year, three years, five years and long term strategies for the business. In addition to the above, they should have a separate success strategy for each project that they handle.

3. Just do the job that you are assigned to do

            In a game of golf, you will never find a player doing a caddy’s job. Similarly, in your business, you should only do the job that you are supposed to be doing. Let each person do only his assigned job. It works much better that way.

4. Take adversities in your stride

            In a game of golf, a professional player does not lose focus even after one or two bad shots. Likewise, in your business too, a few adverse situations should not put you off-track. Keep your focus and concentrate on the next activity and project with full vigor and attention.

5. Make a strong finish even after a slow start

            A good golfer who starts slow due to any reason, often makes a strong finish. Similarly, in your business, even if you start slow, make it a point to work diligently towards making a strong finish by making suitable amendments along the way, if required.