Self-Promoting your business

Self-promotion is the basis for the growth of any business for an entrepreneur. Some people are so poor at promoting their business by themselves. This inefficiency most times leads to reduced profit and most employees in turn find it so painful.


To underline the importance of the self-promoting for your business growth, I'd like to focus on the impact of self-promotion on last four US Presidential Candidates, discussing how the following US presidential candidates self-promoted themselves and the effect it had on their individual success subsequently in elections.

These candidates are Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein respectively.

I am so sure that the regular 90% of the world don't know who Jill Stein is and if the same population is asked about Gary Johnson, 80% won’t know who he is. As for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton however, over 90% of the same population in question know who they are.

The major reason for this dichotomy is that these individuals know how to self-promote themselves. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson lacked this value; they don't know how to self-promote themselves even if their argument was strong enough. They were just not it at self-promotion.

Donald Trump is actually the best at self-promotion in this argument as Trump's brand is popular all over the globe. It doesn't matter what your opinion about him is, it basically means he is good at what he is does and one can learn a great deal from that.

Most famous brands are grounded on self promotion; Apple, Nike, Adidas, Samsung are a few worthy mentions. We have a lot to learn from them. The point is, it takes more than just the audacity to say "I am the greatest". You have to be able to work towards it. For the sake of emphasis, as an entrepreneur, you need to be shameless always as there is no way humiliation wouldn't come your way on the road to success.

The only difference between you and that person you are looking up to is he knows how to package and self-promotes himself, he self-promotes better than you and he also works hard towards reaching his goals.