How to be financially independent?

That question is on the agenda for almost all the people. The most strange thing is that there is no any dependence between people’s income and their debt-freedom. There are a lot of people who may seem quite poor but they don’t have any debts and have enough money for everything they need and there area lot of examples of those who earn millions but have to cover their debts all the time. So that is why this question is interesting for everybody. Let’s find out how to be independent!

·       Think about details

All the people who have strong financial position know all the details about their personal finance. They know for sure about how much they earn and how much they spend.

·       Think about future

Such people understand that all the debts will go to their future : even if they earn a lot of money they will not use them for themselves but will pay to cover the debt.

·       Be pragmatic

You should all the time remember about the value of some things. If you buy a car you should understand why do you need it and how will you use it. For example if you need a car to drive children to school and back and go shopping on weekends you don’t need a Ferrari.

·       Be self-reliant

You work to earn your living and support your family, so if something happens you can save some money. And can you do that if you have debts?

·       Try not to be a shopaholic

A lot of people spend money on something they even do not need, but they are sure that it can cheer them up. Have you ever tried to improve your mood doing shopping? I beg you have. And these spendings are also useless, so try to avoid them.

·       Do not be dependent on a credit-card

Credit-card is a good invention, isn’t it? You can use money all the time you may need it and just give it back after. So you don’t have to worry if your wallet is full enough to buy something necessary. But there is also a far side of the Moon. If you have a credit-card you don’t feel that all the money is not yours but you know that you have a lot of money to spend and when you start spending you don’t count. And that’s how your debts appear.

·       Do not be a materialist

That point is almost similar to one about being pragmatic. But there we spore about different use of different things and here we talk about cost of these things. Do you need to buy a $100 pen if the only use of it is to write? And nothing depends on its cost neither your handwriting nor the sense of what you wrote.


The more points are about you the more debt-free and financially independent you are. How do you feel about it? Try to follow all these advise and your life will be easier!