How to engage with your customers?

It’s a well-known fact that the product must be popular with customers to be bought. And to become popular it must be good enough so that people would trust you and your production.

But you can’t make people trust you in one moment, because there a quite big job must be done. There are some strategies that can help you promote your product.


1.    Reliable product

Your product must be good and reliable. It must bring people new and bright emotions. People must be impressed by the quality or design or some unusual features of your product. I like to mention Steve Jobs, but I’m sure he really was a genius of his field. Why did people start buying the production of Apple? Because their products were so good that people immediately liked them and they have saved their reputation till now.

2.    Honesty

It’s obvious that people usually believe those who are honest. A lot of entrepreneurs and sales-people are trying to attract the audience so much that they overplay trying to be very honest to the people only to make them like them. Don’t cheat customers trying to convince them to like you, just be yourself and be honest. People like those who are sincere. Don’t be afraid to speak not only about your goals but about your failures as well and the audience will understand that you are a real person and will believe you.

3.    Customers

Do you trust your customers the same as you want them trust you? You actually should. You must value them and respect not only because they bring you money. Your clients should be important for you. So listen to them if they like your product or service, but listen a thousand times more attentively if they don’t like and following their recommendations you can improve. That way people will like you because everybody likes to be heard. And of course they will trust you.

4.    Maintaining

It is not easy to earn your customers’ faith, but it is very easy to lose it in one moment. So the quality of your product or service must be the same all the time (and improve if possible). People will see that your company is stable and will know what to expect, so they will be able to trust you. The message that you are trying to deliver to your customers should be very honest and informative, but also original, because nobody likes anything ordinary. The same thing with design (let’s speak about Apple again : not only message was always original and of good quality but also design of the products; after some time people saw the tendency that all the changes only improve the product and started trust it).

Well, all this thoughts might seem obvious, but you see that in our market there are a lot of companies who forget about these key points and lose their clients. That’s so easy, isn’t that?