How to prepare to 2017 in terms of business?

The New Year is coming, and all the people started discussing the old year and concluding the results. But there is one thing that is more important than the old year is the new one! You’re going to go on with your business, but new year brings new opportunities, so you have to forget about all the things that you didn’t make in the way you wanted to and start making a new list of plans and start a year with a clean slate.

 The first thing you have to focus on is new business. I’m not talking about setting a new company or something like that, I just mean that your business has to be developing constantly. It’s a good thing to establish a perspective of your business for the upcoming year. You may invent some new ideas and implement them next year, maybe you can find some products or start some interesting projects. So now it’s the best time to set your goals and make a strategy for the whole year!

 When your “to-do list” for the next year is already done you have to come to the second step which is budgeting. If you have a full picture of the tasks for the year (or almost full) you can count all your costs and understand how much you have to budget for the marketing campaigns. There is a thing that can make your budgeting task simpler: you have to predict the approximate number of your potential customers. Basing on the number you can compare it with the previous year and count. Of course there are a lot of other costs that you have to take into account making a budget for the year.

 What about planning the marketing campaigns?

The first thing you have to do is to look back at 2016 and analyze the campaigns you had. There are some questions that you have to answer:

·       It is likely that you use social media as a means of advertising. So the question is : Should you go on using social networks or should you stop it? Or should you try promoting in some new networks?

·       The website is quite good, but there are very few clients who come through it. What is the problem? Should you analyze the key-words and tags and probably change some of them because they can be very long or complicated.

·       Your customers like the e-mail campaign that you have. So how can you broaden it to receive new clients and make your old clients go on working with you?

 Some final tips:

To have a productive work in 2017 you have to think of it now.

·       You have to make sure that all the calls, e-mails and other messages in social networks are answered in time. Many companies have problems with that and of course it is not very easy but it’s quite important not to lose your clients.

·       Make sure that your advertising in social networks makes sense and is done in a good way.

·       You have to ascertain that you are able to control all the process of marketing especially if your company has a long sell cycle.

That’s all for today! I hope your business will grow and the year 2017 will be very successful and productive for you!