What is it like to be an entrepreneur?

Speaking about entrepreneurship many people think that these people do nothing but travel and spend money. Well, if you are an entrepreneur you are really free, you can travel and have some income without sitting in office, but the stereotype that entrepreneurs don’t work is not true.

Who is an entrepreneur? It’s a person who decided to be independent and for that reason set up his or her own company. A business-plan is made, right people are hired, investors are found, but is that all?

·       Becoming an entrepreneur you give up a usual working schedule from 9 to 5 and many people thing that it means that you don’t have to work at all, but instead working for 7 or 8 hours a day 5 days a week you start working 10 or 12 hours a day and sometimes without weekends. So the only thing that can make your working easier is that you canchose the place you work from. You can stay home, be in a country house, or travel to any part of the world, the only thing you need is a computer ant access to the Internet.

·       You have to be very attentive and hard-working. If you are an ordinary employee you can sometimes be lazy or stay home and relax because you got ill and you don’t have to do your best every day, the salary is stable. But if you are an entrepreneur thereis only one person you can rely on and only one person you are working for – you. So if you are not working as hard as possible and as much as possible the one who suffers is you. But if you are doing something that you like you’re working more productively, aren’t you?

·       Sometimes you don’t have opportunity to spend time with your family because of your working schedule and that’s the reason why some entrepreneurs chose to work from home: not to spend time to get to office and back and save some hours to be with relatives or friends.

·       Many banks don’t trust entrepreneurs because they don’t have stable income and because of that some start-up founders have to find investors themselves and it is quite difficult and needs some time.

Obviously a road to success can’t be easy, so you have to go through all the difficulties to win.

Anyway being an entrepreneur is a great opportunity to be independent, lucky, and feel that only you are creator of your life.