4 key steps to make your start-up developing

You stopped doubting and decided to set up your own company. Of course it is not an easy thing. You have a good idea, you have a great team, some goals and even new clients. Obviously you will not become a millionaire in one day, so you have to do something to make your business grow. It is very important because if it is not growing it is close to fail. You must never stand on one place (neither must your company), otherwise your firm will take the path of Escada, Kodak or Nokia: all the companies seem to be very successful, don’t they? But actually all of them have faced bankruptcy and lost all of their positions on the market. The main reason for that is a wrong strategy of development, so let me give you some tips how to make your company growing. As I have already mentioned in my previous articles you must never forget about your team, because you and your company mean nothing without it, so I would like you to focus mainly on people.

·       Being a founder of a start-up, you are a leader and obviously you tell people that work with you what to do and probably how to do it. Try to avoid dictating. It is one of vital parts of the healthy atmosphere inside the company. Of course you have to “give orders”, because you lead the company but they must not be orders. Don’t become a tyrant, try to make a dialogue with your colleagues, otherwise you will never let them grow and become better professionals.

·       One more thing is that you have to make everybody trust everybody. To make your workers trust you, you have to trust them, so let them do something important and put some responsibility on them. Of course you can do a lot of things yourself, but don’t treat these people like kids, they are able to do a lot.

·       Try to avoid division your company into different departments, for example marketing, pr, financial and others usually do not work together and may not even know each other. This is wrong, cooperation, collaboration and discussion can help you to develop so much you can’t even imagine.

·        Do not forget to give feedback to all the actions of your team. It is not the best idea to make it only once a year, analyze every step and encourage your workers to work better, if they will understand that you appreciate everything they do they will start working more productively.

To tell the truth, the question about a company’s success is a very difficult one, and of course everything depends on the company and on the situation and I wrote only some general ones. Although being general they are very important for each business and can help your company grow.