The key part of every business is selling and buying of goods and services. That is why to succeed as a businessman you have to understand how to sell your product.

It is quite difficult to be an innovator in selling because it is one of the things that appeared almost simultaneously with the people – from the very beginning people sold and changed their things to some other that they needed. But obviously every generation has its own tendencies about everything and business and selling is not an exception.

If you analyze the market now you will understand that it has been constantly moving into the Internet for the past years and now you can’t find a company that doesn’t have a web-site or web-shop, that is actually more popular.

There is one more tendency that is becoming more and more popular and beneficial. This thing is social media. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? I’ll explain and it will become obvious. In general the system is almost the same because you create a public page on some web-site (in this case I mean something like LinkedIn or Facebook or VKontakte in Russia) and make a catalogue of your goods (or description of your services) and wait for something to happen (it’s a joke).

The main thing in all the social networks is that there are concrete people, not like those who visit your web-site; these people has their own pages and they join groups depending on their interests. So it reminds a real world. Use it! Offer your product directly to the people who may need it. For example, if you’re making action cameras like GoPro you should be oriented to younger people who like extreme and sport, and if your products are knitting sets it is better to sell them to the grannies of these younger people (nowadays more and more people of an older generation are becoming users of social networks). One more advantage of such marketing is that in most cases there is no need to pay for advertising, only the first time you have to invest in it. It doesn’t mean that the only thing you have to do is to createa page, you have to work a lot to make it informative, interesting and attractive and you have to fill it with new information regularly. If your product is good enough and your public page contains enough information your customers will tell their friends about you and make reposts and shares, so your advertising will work without you.

A new digital era has come and you can’t ignore it, so to become successful and grow your business you have to keep up with times. Try new and unusual approaches and you will reach your goals!