5 fears you may face expanding your business

You are an entrepreneur and you have your business. But it is very important to grow and extend your business and you probably know how to do it but here you can face some fears. Let’s talk about them and find out how to overcome them!


1.    Cultural gap

It may seem difficult to work in other country. You don’t know the rules of making business, the culture is unfamiliar, you don’t speak the language and some financial and economical aspects can differ as well.

To overcome this fear it is very important to learn as much as you can. Learn the structure of doing business in the country, some peculiarities, try to learn the language and do not be afraid to ask for advice.

2.    Money

A great number of entrepreneurs face the problem of lack of money. Of course opening business abroad is not a cheap thing and some people are not prepared to the costs of expanding their business.

It’s better for you to study the market and count all the expenses, maybe to have more than necessary.

3.    Suitability of the product

If the productis popular in only one country it does not mean that they don’t need it in some other places.

You have to understand the needs of the target audience. Market is different in different countries so if your system works in your country it does not mean that it will work in other place. To be sure that you can set up your business in foreign country and that your product will be interesting you can make a research and take into account all the special features of local market.

4.    Hiring people

Some entrepreneurs are sure that it’s better to make a new team with people who are already working in your company and know everything about our business. But they can lack some knowledge about the culture of the country and it can be a problem. So it is not a bad idea to hire unknown locals, they can easily learn the things about your company and move your business straight forward.

5.    Regulation risks

It is one of the most common fears of entrepreneurs. If you work in a foreign country you are always afraid if you are doing everything in a right and legal way. That happens because the system of law differs from your native country’s one and can be unfamiliar to you.

To get rid of such fear you have to work with local lawyers who know the system well and can direct you or give some piece of advice.

I’m sure that if you read all these tips you’ll overcome your fears and your business will be successful!